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01--Turneul Bogatasilor
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04-C--camera C
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04-I--camera I
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04-N-camera N
04-O--camera O
04-P--camera P
04-Q--camera Q
04-R--camera R
04-S--camera S
      de la HotelLuna Noua
07--ghici ciuperca ce-i
09--apartamente ELEGANT
   magazin ELEGANT
   gradina hotelului
   locuri de joaca pt copii
   sala de balet
   sala de biliard
   sala de bowling
   sala de conferinte
   sala de informatica
   sala de ping-pong
   sala de relaxare
   sala de spa
   sala de sport
   sala de tenis
   sala de vinuri
   teren de fotbal
13--albume angajati
   lectii de dans
   magazin textile ELEGANT
   medic veterinar
   sala oglinzilor
   scoala hotelului
   sef bucatar
   Imi pare rau
   Nu e usor-expirat
   nu ma grabiti
   pt adoptaanimale
   pt concursuri wallpaper
   pt orice concurs de miss
   pt reclamapthotel
   Pt ReclamePeGratis
   pt webkinzsite
   producator de poze
   producatori de wallpapere
   sweet magazin
17--FoR YoU
   staruri cazate--00
   adoptii copii
   magazin -Kilometri
   magazin artificii
   magazin autografe
   magazin bentite
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   magazin flori
   magazin haine animale
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   magazin mancare usoara
   magazin ochelari
   magazin parfumuri
   magazin rame foto
   magazin rechizite
   magazin reviste
   magazin tatuaje
19--albume pentru tine
20--Repertoriile starurilor
   Raluca de la Bambi- misslauraprintesa
   Taylor Swift-LoLLyPoP2000
21--concurs hoteluri
22-forum-parerile conteaza
   ce credeti-A1
   ce credeti-B1
23--reclame 4you
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O noua pagina--My Life
   apus la mare
   ashley tisdale
   britney spears
   camp rock
   cariba heine
   ce adormitzi
   demi lovato
   despre mine
   elena gheorghe
   flacarile cerului
   Smigle si fratii lui
   vanessa hudgens
   viatza in multe culori
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membru din 16 mai 2010

Taylor Swift-LoLLyPoP2000

- For your birthday, mom

Happy birthday, my mother
I love you much, much
Therefore I promise
As you listen!

Dear mother, how I want
you to be my girl
To tell stories,
Let me give food,
To see how much I love you ...


Let your eyes clear, warm
To dive into my
Give me a chance, a respite
To show you how to keep them.
When you look at the moon
I was thinking of you,
And you'll still love you
With your eyes you fell to me.
Let your eyes open
To penetrate and glitter
And then you is all lit
It was not love left.

I love you

I gave everything I had better
I raised the stars and I sent you
One night desert summer
We stopped and I calmed down during storm
I gave the angels wings,
Tears and rain
All for you ...
Today I wanted to see you happy
To feel like your heart,
Angels came to tell you
How much I love you!

Bits of love

I'll steal those cruel eyes
With that I have tortured heart
I will kill those cold words
Which I have spoken once
I'll miss the sun
So nice your skin
But I will keep the piece of mind
With only you loved me
My whispers will elixir
Inaltu will guide me to my dream
Conceived of pure humanity
I hope to share that love magic
That only you can give


Silence is now late and leave
Over town and all the people 's home.
Diamonds are shining stars in the sky,
And the moon is the star of the big night.

S and their chrysanthemums, white spots on earth
Is always rocking on the small breeze of wind.
Cats walk-in night-like eyes
Some pearls taken from the sea, their place.

And in glass-clear water reflecting the moon is,
Also on the stand and everything and admiring himself.
Leaves rustle and they, in the night in their language,
Every advantage of our time-Rest.

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